Eye Cream (15ml)

Eye Cream (15ml)

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An eye cream is generally a light-weight product adapted to the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes.

Our Eye Cream tightens, hydrates and combats puffy and tired under eye skin.

It reduces and prevents the appearance of fine lines and can also be applied around the mouth and lips.

Green tea, pomegranate extract, lactobacillus and caffeine combat dark circles and increase the elasticity around the eyes which in turn helps to fight signs of ageing.

One reason for dark circles under the eyes is due to the fact that, because of the very thin under eye skin, the blood vessels are visible.

Tannic acid in Green Tea has a shrinking effect on the blood vessels and thus helps to brighten dark areas under the eyes.

Gently apply around the eye contour area with your fingertips, both morning and evening.